Free Amazon valid gift cards methods

Free Amazon valid gift cards methods

Free Amazon gift cards to get FREE Amazon Gift Cards of any amount/value. 
Steps! ------ 

1. Find a seller on ebay/kijiji/craigslist (Local works better) that is selling a $25+ amazon gift card. 

2. Message said seller asking to see three and only three consecutive numbers so you can email Amazon and make sure the card is legit, and not a spoof card 

3. Once the seller has sent you pictures of the card, take note of the 3 consec. numbers 

4. Email/Live Chat (Live chat for better and faster results) Amazon and tell them this, "My aunt jamie told me she has got an amazon card for her birthday but after taking it out of her bag she found it the code at the back all scratched up and unreadable so she gave it to me as it is no use for her. What can we do about this?" 

5. The amazon rep will inform you they can add the card balance to your account they just need the 3 nums, hand them the numbers 

6. Wait however long the Amazon rep asks you to wait, then enjoy your free amazon money :) 

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