How to check CC Live or Dead with CC checker Part - 3

How to check CC Live or Dead with CC checker Part - 3

There are so many websites that check CC live or dead. At the time of checking they charge CC $0.001. But almost 80% of sites kill the CC. So we never use it. There are also a few tools available on the internet for checking CC. It may be Backdoor/ Trojan. So don’t use it...

There is no easy method for that. Carder makes their own way to do that.
One of them is...

Go to any porn website. Buy a membership and use your CC. If you got success then CC is Live. You must follow carding rule... Like using socks, RDP bla.. bla..

You can also use our DumpKingdom24 CC checker tools. Our tools don't kill CC. You can check here -> cc checker

How to check CC Balance (Skype Method) 

This method only works for US & UK CC only.

Check your BIN at . There you will get your bank name. For the above example, BIN (430587) bank is Capital One, USA.
Now search the phone number of this bank on google. For Capital One it’s +1-800-935-9935
Call this number on skype (it’s free since it’s a toll-free number)
Now the automatic robot will ask you few info. Ex. CCN, CVV, etc.
Now put your info by using your keyboard.
It will automatically tell you the CC balance.

How to Know which BIN VBV & Which is NON-VBV

Here are also a few methods that use by pro carders to find that. We will give u all NON
VBV B)N’s list in the next tutorial.

What is Bill=Ship/Bill=CC, Ship=Your Address

You guys can find these two words in many methods. Let me explain….

Billing address=Shipping address. When you doing carding you will use the billing address and shipping address are same. This means in both u will use ur address. No need to use a CC address.

Bill=Shipping address, Ship=Your address

When you doing carding you will use the CC holder address as your billing address and the shipping address will be ur address. Most sites work with this method

How Carder find out new method+BIN when the old one does not work

Yes, this is the thing, my friends. To go to this level you need a lot of practice. In today’s situation, Credit Card fraud is a common cause. When shops get a huge amount of orders & all with international CC & with the same specific BIN CC, they catch it that it’s fraud & they block this B)N CC for future use. So the B)N got patched and does not work anymore.
So this time pro carder starts their job. They try again & again with different BIN and different techniques. They may lose 3-4 CCs but they found a new working method. And they don’t want to publicize it for getting patched. So they sell it for high value, not like 10$ or 20$. The above carding method is common to every site but u have to follow a different method for a different site. If some sites work with BILL=SHIP then others may work with BILL=CC & Ship= Your Address. So by using your brain u can card almost any site.

Most of the people sell all copy-paste methods or old methods that got already patched by shops and ripped us. I also have to buy methods when failed to find out something new…

So as much as I explained everything. This is the main thing of carding. All are making money by selling such methods to newbies. But I came here to help you. May I forget to add something in the hurry of making this PDF fast? If then IB me I will explain those things...

You can by CC from shop -> best site to buy cc for carding
You can buy SOCKS from ->
Download CCleaner software ->
Download    MAC    address    changer    -> changer
Download SOCKS checker -> (show youtube video how to use it)

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