How to Hack a Facebook Password?

How to Hack a Facebook Password?

First. It is not possible to hack every Facebook account cause some profiles are well protected. Therefore, we do not guarantee that we can hack 100% of requested Facebook profiles; however, 95-97% of our hacking attacks are successful!

Second. You need to find the exact Facebook profile that you would like us to hack. There're two ways - search by ID (profile number) or search by username. After you identify what account you would like us to hack, you can place a hacking order and our hacking team will start their job.

Third. You can get the hacked Facebook password that you requested only after we receive your payment. We offer several different payment options and you can choose the one you prefer. Note: when the hacking status reads "password ready!" it means that the Facebook password was hacked successfully, and was double-checked by the hacker's team. That account cannot be hacked until the hacking status reads "password ready."

Finally. Now that you have the Facebook password, what should you do next? Our hacking team disables all security notifications for the targeted Facebook profile, so the owner will not be informed that somebody else is using their password, at least not initially. However, do not be too reckless! It is not hard for the real Facebook profile owner to notice that something weird is going on if and when you begin to change any information Do not read the unread messages on the account, remove any followers, or send your own messages! The owner will easily recognize that the Facebook password has been hacked and will change the password very fast!

In addition, once a password is hacked, it is very hard to hack it again. The user usually establishes a more secure password. It is much more difficult to hack a Facebook password a second time, so be careful when you receive the password and do not make any changes to the account.

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