SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner - Trusted CC Shop

SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner - Trusted CC Shop

SQL Injection is a dangerous web application vulnerability. According to the researcher, it is one of the leading security risks found in web applications. The availability of some automatic SQL injection tools also made it easy to exploit this vulnerability. So it is important to find and patch SQL injection before hackers get it.

I have already posted about many SQL injection tools on DumpKingdom which helps hackers to exploit it easily. 

In this post, I am going to discuss a nice SQL Injection tool that is mostly used as a penetration testing tool. This tool is SQLSentinel. I had already written a simple post on it.

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About the tool:

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SQLSentinel is a Java-based open-source SQL injection tool. This tool comes with an inbuilt spider that crawls websites and finds SQL errors. You give in input to a site and SQLSentinel crawls and tries to exploit parameters validation error for you.

Download this tool from This link and extract it to your system. You will see an executable jar file. Now run this file and you will see a metallic Java GUI tool.

Put the URL in the URL box and click on start. It will automatically crawl the website and list all vulnerable URLs on working logs. After the completion, it will show an alert box.

After that, you can also save the result as a PDF file.

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