How to Spy On a Computer Activity And Get Live CC

How to Spy On a Computer Activity And Get Live CC

Computer monitoring is the need of modern business. Because most of the employees are busy in enjoying social media on their systems leaving their work. Parents also wants to see what their children doing on their system. We also want to see what our friends are doing in their system. These are the main reasons when we need to monitor on a computer.

•    Employee activity monitoring in office. Find out what they are doing when they are assumed to be working.
•    Control over students during the academic hours. Easily track their activity with our keylogger, so they will use network for the educational purposes only
•    Parental control. Our powerful computer monitoring software will alert you when your child is into something suspicious
•    See what friends are doing on their computer system and steal their passwords from various email accounts and social media accounts
For all these things, we need a good monitoring software which secretly sends us all the details we need.


KeyLog Pro

KeyLog Pro is a nice Monitoring tool cum keylogger. I think it is a nice hacking tool and a monitoring tool. Most Important feature of this keylogger is that it is fully undetectable from Antivirus.


1.    Records every keystroke and passwords typed on any window and program.
2.    Including: Hotmail, MSN, GMAIL email and Messager.
3.    AOL email, Instant messager and chat
4.    Yahoo email, Instant messager and chat.
5.    Runs completely undetected.
6.    Does not slow down your computer.
7.    Encrypts recorded files
8.    Very easy to setup and use.
9.    Filters access against harmful web content.

Download KeyLogger Pro

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